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do you guys like the skirt?/should i get it?

do you guys like the skirt?/should i get it?

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    ok so i didn’t get it because they couldn’t freaking ship it to the US :( but i got a the black maxi skirt that i really...
  7. nectars answered: omg yes the color is delish
  8. ohneve answered: Get it so that I can borrow it (: xxx
  9. tinkerstrail answered: yes yes yes!!
  10. imagined-reality answered: Yeeees!
  11. torchwo-od answered: Oh yes its gorg!
  12. whisped answered: omg yes it’s lovely
  13. idgies answered: Yes! I love it!
  14. maddiehbowen answered: YES:-)
  15. plxntbb answered: yes!
  16. reaganation answered: i think it’s beautiful!